Tips for Poker Players to help Manage their Money

The rule of thumb states that a poker bankroll should be used as such but not utilised in catering for other expenses. In short, if you have 1000 GBP in your bankroll but need 500 GBP for utility bills, then you have a bankroll of 

Can Poker Players End Up with Prophet from Crypto Casinos?

Are you looking for the fastest way to increase your poker bankroll? Have you heard about the benefits of using cryptocurrencies? Worldwide online casinos are adopting cryptocurrencies as a payment method to boost gamblers chances for high wins. This brief guide will show you the 

When to squeeze and how to squeeze – Poker squeeze play explained

All good poker players are constantly on the lookout for ways to get an edge over whoever they are up against at a table, whether this is online or not. There are a ton of tricks and tactics you can use to increase your odds 

Be as calm as a prophet and manage your poker tilting and steaming!

Poker is an intricate game with a vast array of factors that come into play and effect a player’s ability to win or lose money. Cards are one important element to the equation but perhaps even more important is a players mind set and mental 

You could make quite the ‘prophet’ by playing Bonus Poker

Bonus Poker is one of the most common forms of poker around. Along with Jacks or Better and Deuces Wild it is extremely popular at online casinos. Part of its popularity is due to the fact that if you know the game well and play 

Hold on to your poker bankroll when trying your luck at online casinos

Online casinos are also called internet casinos or virtual casinos. This term is apparently not new in the online gaming world. It can also be termed as an enabling platform for gamblers to wager and play on different casino games. With technology, slowly advancing, online 

Five card draw poker seems a little confusing, but use these tips and it will be a breeze!

Five card draw poker is one of the easiest forms of poker to learn and a valuable asset to add to your gaming arsenal. Although you are less likely to find this actually played in a brick and mortar casino, 5 card draw poker still 

Is it Time for you to Hire an Online Poker Coach?

It is impossible to become an expert poker player overnight. This level of professionalism takes years of experience to master and some lessons will inevitably result from the occasional loss. Novice players are confronted with many questions as they begin to delve into the world 

Tips to read your poker opponents like a prophet

Online poker is played by millions of players across the world, making it one of the most popular internet casino games. Due to its popularity, it is more important than ever to find ways of giving yourself an edge against your opponents. One of the 

Why late position in poker is so important and how to play it

Since the first game of poker at the beginning of the 19th century and very first online room in 1998, ‘position’ remains an important element of winning. When playing poker, playing the position on your opponent, can go a long way into giving you victory.